Thursday, 23 November 2017

Egyptian Art

We have really enjoyed learning about the Ancient Egyptians this term and are very proud of all the art work we have done. Have a look...
We used squared paper to try to get the proportions right for our tomb paintings.



The scarab symbol was one of the most important religious Egyptian symbols.

We made our amulets using paper plates and clay.

People drew scarab symbols on tomb walls. They made decorations out of them. Most of all, they made scarab-shaped protective amulets out of gold or precious gems and stones, or simply out of painted clay. They could be worn as jewellery. Often amulets were buried with a mummy. The amulet was placed over the mummy's heart, with a magic, protective spell inscribed on the back of it.
Egyptians used papyrus to write on - we made our own by weaving reeds. We practised using paper first.


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