Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Parent Carousel

Monday was the start of our STEM week and we had a lot of fun
making structures with some of our parents and carers.
The different groups had to choose which challenge they wanted to do then plan, cost and build it!

Engineering Challenge



Tower: must be at least 1 metre high; hold one Lego person at the top; cost no more than £50.

Big Wheel: must turn; hold 4 Lego people; cost no more than £80.

Bridge: must be at least 50cm in length; hold the weight of at least five toy cars; cost no more than £100.


Cost of materials

Art straws £1 each

Paper clips 50p each

Paper fasteners £1 each

Roll of tape £20

Pair of scissors £5

One piece of card £2 per A4 sheet

PVA glue and spreader £5

One newspaper £20

Electric circuit (with motor) £15

Cotton reel £1

Pulley and elastic band £2 (includes washers)

What fantastic results! Thank you to all the parents and carers who came to work with us.



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