Friday, 20 June 2014

Swifts go to Thorpe Woodlands

Some team challenges in the morning - get the jelly babies across the factory safely!

Be careful on the low ropes!

You need cooperation and communication to solve this problem.

Ready for a spot of canoeing?


We had to duck down to get under this tree!

A leap of faith off the platform on the Powerfan.

A great climbing challenge.

Don't look down!

Zooming down the zip wire.

Another team challenge.

Collecting sticks for the campfire.

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Ready for a sing song on the first night.

Roasting marshmallows after the scavenger hunt on night two.

These oompa-loompas are ready for a spot of caving.

Bullseye for this super archer!

This was the biggest den.

But this one was very good as well.

WE all had a FANTASTIC time at Thorpe Woodlands!

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