Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Testing Parachutes

We have been learning about forces in Science. We wanted to find out about air resistance. We tested different size and shape parachutes to see which one made the plasticene fall more slowly. The bigger the better we think!

Then for science week we wanted to get our parachutes to fall from a greater height. So we designed launchpads and rockets using newspaper and drinks bottles.

They looked very impressive - this one won the prize for most attractive rocket.

We pushed air into the bottle using a foot pump. This was meant to push so hard against the water in the bottle that it forces the water out and the bottle up!

The hardest thing was getting a tight seal around the nozzle - we used bluetac.

But it was very difficult trying to get the rockets to shoot upwards and not sideways!

Wind direction and stable launch pads added to our problems! But we had a lot of fun and Toby and Frazer's rocket went the furthest.

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